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Our award-winning luxury manicures and pedicures are designed exclusively for you. Solutions for strengthening, hydration, brightening, anti-aging and detoxing are available through our bespoke treatments for your nails, hands and feet.

Ideal for dry skin: This combination of milk and honey effectively moisturizes dry and tired hands and feet. The lactic acid and high levels of protein in the milk strengthens weak nails and also brightens them, while honey serves as the active moisturizing ingredient as a natural humectant in a decadent dermal hydrating wrap. The soothing aroma of milk and honey leads you into an oasis of tranquillity.

Deep moisturising: A rich combination of a Shea butter scrub, mask and massaging oil provides a truly African mani/pedi experience. The healing properties of shea butter help reduce the appearance of scars and discolourations and create a total sense of well-being. The result of this treatment is soft, deeply moisturized hands and feet with a glow. Hands and feet are further protected by the natural in-built sun protection of shea butter.

Perfect for pigmented/uneven hands and feet: the hands and feet are coated with a lemon and yoghurt serum which serves as the primary ingredients in revealing bright and glowing skin. There is an instant improvement in the appearance of pigmented areas and dull skin. The therapeutic properties of the citrus aroma create a serene atmosphere, providing you with a truly uplifting experience.

This treatment is particularly suitable for mature clients with dry, dehydrated skin. Paraffin wax is melted and coated over the hands or feet, after which they are cocooned in a moisturizing wrap and left to soak into the skin for roughly 20 minutes in insulated booties and mittens. The wax is then peeled off, revealing soft, moisturized and glowing skin. Clients who suffer from rheumatism and arthritis may benefit from the heat aspect of this treatment. You may choose from Lemon, Strawberry, Tea Tree, Lavender, Peach or Chocolate wax.

Deep cleansing of the body through the hands and feet: A unique blend of grape seed oil and other essential oils is applied on the hands and feet after grooming. They are then sealed in an insulated wrap for 20 minutes in which you will experience a tingling sensation while you sweat out the impurities in your booties and mittens. Grape seed oil is renowned for its anti-oxidant properties.

A sauna for the feet! Personalize your steaming session with your favourite essential oil, sit back, relax and experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Your feet are immersed in the steam bath for 15-30 minutes, after which your nails are prepped and primed, a decadent sugar scrub is applied. Your feet are cleansed and the treatment is finished with a foot and leg massage.

Nail Extensions
Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting gel manicure, personalised nail art or a set of perfectly sculpted acrylic or gel extensions our therapists are fully equipped to create your desired look.

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The Nail Bar is an upscale destination that delivers unrivalled luxury nail treatments that go beyond the classic manicure and pedicure.

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