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Relieve stress and muscle tension with our massages carried out by fully qualified and experienced therapists. Our massages range from reflexology; deep tissue; Swedish, hot stone, Thai and aromatherapy. Each massage is available in 30, 60 and 90-minute appointments with customisable pressure levels.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: A deep tissue massage of the whole body to help relieve stress and muscle tension.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: Indian Head Massage is an alternative medicine massage therapy in which the head, neck and facial areas are massaged with the purpose of manipulating energy channels. The goal is to clear blocks in these energy channels that cause a build-up of negative energy that are purported to cause ailments.

REFLEXOLOGY: It is the practice of stimulating nerves on the feet to supposedly encourage a beneficial effect on some other parts of the body, or to try to improve general health. Reflexology is most commonly performed on the feet, moving on to the hands and/or ears. A therapist will apply pressure in the form of relaxing massage to these areas, in order to stimulate the corresponding area and thereby remove blockages in the energy body.

HOT STONE BODY MASSAGE: Heated stones are used to massage the aromatically scented ScenTao massage oil into the skin along the body’s energy lines or meridians. The treatment continues with a specially developed shiatsu back massage. This wellness treatment is relaxing and at the same time causes the life force, or Qi to flow.

BODY BLISS MASSAGE: A light, full-body massage using essential oils blended to suit individual needs and preferences. A holistic treatment which can help treat various ailments such as insomnia, depression, stress.

THAI MASSAGE: This is performed on a traditional Thai massage mat on the floor. Your highly skilled therapist will use not only hands but also knees, elbow, knees and feet to stretch you into a series of yoga-like positions. This treatment involves muscle compression and tissue massage. Acupressure is applied to sen pressure points to open energy lines and balance the body.

FOUR HAND MASSAGE: The pleasure of a Swedish massage delivered in perfect harmony by the synchronised hand movements of two therapists. If you need heightened relief from the knots, kinks and stress, this is the perfect massage for you.

MOTHER NURTURE: A customisable relaxing massage for intending mothers. Suitable from 2nd trimester only.


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The Nail Bar is an upscale destination that delivers unrivalled luxury nail treatments that go beyond the classic manicure and pedicure.

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